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Welcome to our ‘write for us’ page. Many thanks for showing interest on this page and probably looking towards actually writing for

Giving our desire to serve our esteemed audiences better, hereby calls for guest posts from gifted Afemai writers, bloggers, Students and Educators.

Why should you write for us? provides a conducive environment and a bright atmosphere were gifted Afemai writers, bloggers, students and educators can showcase and promote themselves to the  Afemai internet world as well as contribute to the discuss aimed at showcasing/promoting Afemai on the one hand and educating/entertaining the great people of Afemai on the other hand .

For bloggers, you get Back-links to your own blog thereby building your links. This will significantly help you to rank high in Google search results and drive targeted traffic to your blog or website.

Guidelines for guest posting
These guidelines are in place to ensure that the quality of posts and integrity of this website remains high.

1. Write in simple English and in a way that the first time reader really get impressed by you.

2. The post/article should be original i.e the post/article should not be reproduced anywhere else on the web, but we do ask that you wait seven (7) days after the post publishes on before publishing elsewhere. Remember, you get a link to your blog/website at the bottom of your posts

3. Your post/article should not be based on falsehood and your images used in the post should not exceed 550 pixels.

4. you must not write articles around topics to warrant a link to your blog and you should not positively stimulate visitors to go to your blog.

5. No affiliate codes or referral links are permitted in posts.

FAQ For Guest Posting

What is the qualification for guest posting?
Right now, anybody interested in guest posting can write a guest post in However, your post must be relevant to the Afemai Nation.

How long should my post be?
We do not have a minimum or maximum post length. However, many words you need to say what you want to say works for us. What is more important to us is that your post have useful, well-sourced information and that it be well written.

Can I include a bio?
No! We do not accept a bio and we have a very good reason for that. All you have to do is to provide us with a link to a page about you. It could be your blog author about page URL, your facebook profile link or any other link which will clearly tell us about you.You are also going to provide us a link to your website/blog, but if you do not have any, please leave it blank. your website/blog will also be linked at the  bottom of every post you make. Please remember, we do not allow a standard author box at the end of guest posts. These bios are generally quite spammy so we believe the link to the author’s blog/website and the link to the bio page is a lot more than satisfactory.

What should i write about?
We advice that before you write a guest post, please go through carefully to have a glimpse of what this website is all about. Our category at the top of the picture slider will really help you in evaluating and deciding on what to write about.

How long does it take for my guest post to be published?
The standard period for your guest post to be published will depend on the approval of the post by our editor. This will roughly take 48 hours from the time of your submission of the guest post. If you do not see your guest post after 48 hours, then know that the post received a negative scoring from our editor. We will contact you to tell you why the post was rejected so that you can improve in your future guest posts to

Please note that, while you summit a guest post, has the right to edit your article.

How do I submit a post/article?

To summit an article/a post, fill the contact form below:

So, go ahead, make that decision  to summit your first guest post

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