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Otaru of Auchi Call on Leader to Uphold Justice, Equity & Good Conscience

Otaru of Auchi

In a new year message to Nigerians, the Otaru of Auchi Kingdom, His Royal Highness, Alhaji H.A. Momoh called on leaders to uphold justice, equity and good conscience. He pointed out that Nigeria is the only home we have, and as a result, we must all join hands to build our country, Nigeria.

The Otaru called on all Nigerians to pray to God to grant our leaders wisdom, sense of direction, love, God guidance, good health and protection to enable them delivered the dividend of democracy to our people. He said that any position of authority we hold today is from God hence we are holding it in trust of which we must give account on the day of judgement. In realisation of this, he implore our leaders that in the process of governance, they should ensure adherents to justice, equity and good conscience.

He said all Nigerians should shun corruption because it is evil and God hates it. He said the destructive nature of corruption in our society has a multiplier effects and need to be condemned in it entirety for a better Nigeria.

He advises the youth to shun violence, crime and any inimical activities that may jeopardize their future; and embraces dialogue and peace at all times. For our youth travelling to Libya, he said the government should do anything humanly possible to stop it.

The monarch emphasized that as we moved into year 2018 through His Grace and Love, Nigerians should continue to pray and think positively about the progress of Nigeria, and by so doing, His mercy will be on us all.

He concluded by calling on God to bless Nigeria as he implored all Nigerians to join him to sincerely and genuinely pray for our country, Nigeria.

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