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Etsako West: Communities and Political Wards

Etsako West is one of the six Local Government Area that makes up Afemai in of Edo State, Nigeria. Its headquarters been Auchi. Etsako West is made up of six clans which are Auchi, Uzairue, South Ibie, Aviele, Jagbe and Awain clan.

Etsako West has an area of 946 km², a population of 197,609 at the 2006 census and a postal code of 312.

Politically, Etsako West is divided into twelve (12) political wards. Auchi and Uzairhue clan have four wards each while the other four clans have one ward each. Below are the twelve political wards in Etsako west and the component communities that make up the wards:

  • Ward 1 is made up of Usogun1 constituency in Usogun village of Auchi clan
  • Ward2 is made up of Usogun2 constituency in Usogun village of Auchi clan
  • Ward3 is made up of Igbe and Iyekhe villages of Auchi clan
  • Ward 4 is made up of Aibotse and Akpekpe villages of Auchi clan
  • Ward 5 is made up of South Ibie clan
  • Ward 6 is made up of Jagbe clan
  • Ward 7 is made up of Aviele clan
  • Ward 8 is made up of Awain clan
  • Ward 9 is made up of Ayua, Iyuku, Imeke and Elele villages of Uzairhue clan
  • Ward 10 is made up of Uluoke, Ayogena constituency1, Ogbido, Ikholo, Iyamo, Afowa, Iyora, Ayoghena constituency2 and Apana in Uzairhue clan
  • Ward 11 is made up of Jattu (Ikpe) of Uzairhue clan
  • Ward 12 is made up of Ayogwiri, Irekpa, Ugbeno, Ikabigbo, Idato and Afasho villages of Uzairhue clan


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