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Chief Vincent Ugabi, an Iconic Etsako Musician from Weppa Wanno

Vincent Ugabi

Chief Vincent Ugabi is indeed an Iconic Etsako musician who have contributed, in no small measure to the growth of music in Afemailand. Ugabi was born in Iviari, Weppa in Etsako East Local Government Area of Edo State and recides i Agenebode.
He is reputed to have started music from birth. However, he went into music full-time in the year 1970 with so many album to his credit. He has always claimed that his type of music is the music that give life to the dead.

Chief Vincent Ugabi is a simple and honest person. He is a father to many. He particularly enjoys performing in the stage and writing music. Outside music, he loves watching football which he claims is his best game.

Enjoy below Ugabi music video:

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