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The 25 Villages of Modern Auchi Kingdom by Wajeed Obomeghie

otaru road auchi

In the early 1990’s, HRH Alhaji Ahmed Ghuruza Momoh, Ikelebe Ni Zevbha, The 9th Otaru of Auchi Kingdom and the O-I-C attempted to commence the creation of more villages out of the original five heritage zones then, for obvious reasons that wasn’t successful.

In the year 2001, his successor HRH Alhaji Aliru Hybreed Momoh, Ikelebe Ni-Zeaa, The 10th Otaru of Auchi & the O-I-C successfully demarcated and created Twenty (20) new villages. Thus making the Twenty -five (25) villages of the modern Auchi Sacred Kingdom.

Before we dwell on the genealogy, and meaning of the various villages of modern Auchi Kingdom.
Let me postulate, that there are two families that are the

The Ivbi-Uchi of Etsako and Ivbi-Adaobi of Owan Relationship

By Wajeed Obomeghie

Ivbi-Adaobi means the children of Adaobi. The demography and settlement pattern that shows the population figures of the Ivbiosakon tribes of the 1952 Census categorizes Ivbiaro, Uareke [sic], Ihievbe, Era as Ivi-Adaobi.  Though the Uareke [sic] people, claim that they are a part of the same migration from Benin as Adaobi and other elders which led the various companies while Ihievbe people claim Obo as their founder, a man who was driven away from Benin. And Era people claim to be an offshoot of Ovbiomu village, Emai which its founder left after a dispute. What it means is that only the four villages of Ivbiaro claim Adaobi for their founder and Great father [5], but for the overwhelming personality of Adaobi, the White man had no choice but to categorize all above as Ivhi-Adaobi.

In Auchi tradition, however, Adaobi is venerated as one of the