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The Ivbi-Uchi of Etsako and Ivbi-Adaobi of Owan Relationship

By Wajeed Obomeghie

Ivbi-Adaobi means the children of Adaobi. The demography and settlement pattern that shows the population figures of the Ivbiosakon tribes of the 1952 Census categorizes Ivbiaro, Uareke [sic], Ihievbe, Era as Ivi-Adaobi.  Though the Uareke [sic] people, claim that they are a part of the same migration from Benin as Adaobi and other elders which led the various companies while Ihievbe people claim Obo as their founder, a man who was driven away from Benin. And Era people claim to be an offshoot of Ovbiomu village, Emai which its founder left after a dispute. What it means is that only the four villages of Ivbiaro claim Adaobi for their founder and Great father [5], but for the overwhelming personality of Adaobi, the White man had no choice but to categorize all above as Ivhi-Adaobi.

In Auchi tradition, however, Adaobi is venerated as one of the