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A Show of Sheer Avarice

A Show of Sheer Avarice by Emmanuel Isuku

Did you see our own brothers

Barter us for a shell of snail?

No remorse clouded their countenances

Even after they sold us for a morsel

To feed their greedy bowels –

All Hail the Ukor of Ihievbe

All Hail the Ukor of Ihievbe

 By Emmanuel Isuku


All hail the ukor of Ihievbe:

That great monarch with the staff of authority.

His ware is like the leopard’s skin

Ruffled with copious cowries.

Why We Need New Names

Of a truth, we need new names.

Names we can as well look at and allow the sun of smile rise upon our anger-creased face and set it aglow.

We have to rip our skin off the sack clothes we wore while we bathed on red earth during full moon or search the brambles for games or look for starfish adrift in the salty brook.