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Life of King Momoh, Auchi’s first Muslim King

An exploration of the life of OtaruMomoh (1875-1944) who triggered a ‘revolution‘in 1912 and brought Islam to his people.

In 1912 a major event which had the character of a revolution took place in Auchi, in present day Edo state. This event was the adoption of Islam by the townspeople as their official religion, and the over throw of the belief system initially upheld by the people. This ushered in a new era, and the quality and character of life now took on new, uplifting forms. It was Oba Momodu of nearby Agbede who first embraced Islam in the area, and Auchi followed quickly in the wake of his action. Already incarnated in Auchi was one who

Chief Vincent Ugabi, an Iconic Etsako Musician from Weppa Wanno

Vincent Ugabi

Chief Vincent Ugabi is indeed an Iconic Etsako musician who have contributed, in no small measure to the growth of music in Afemailand. Ugabi was born in Iviari, Weppa in Etsako East Local Government Area of Edo State and recides i Agenebode.
He is reputed to have started music from birth. However, he went into music full-time in the year 1970 with so many album to his credit. He has always claimed that his type of music is the music that give life to the dead.

Chief Vincent Ugabi is a simple and honest person. He is a father to many. He particularly enjoys

HRH King Momoh Idaevbo, Sixth Otaru of Auchi (1919 – 1944)

King Momoh I, the sixth Otaru of Auchi Kingdom was a leader with boundless wisdom and endowed with the bravery of a Lion. A dynamic leader blessed with a cosmopolitan outlook and a friendly, helping nature which welcomed new ideas and initiatives. A revolutionary leader loved by the British and his people and their neighbours. A leader who initiated reforms in Auchi Kingdom years before he even became the Otaru of Auchi.

He ascended Auchi throne bounding with enormous experience and energy. He reigned from 1919 -1944. His reign was peaceful and momentous in terms of the enormous powers he wielded in Etsakoland. He

Engr. Jafaru Buraimah: Acting Rector, Auchi Poly

Engr.Buraimah, Acting Rector, Auchi Poly

Engr. Jafaru Buraimah is the Acting Rector of the Federal Polytechnic, Auchi. Which is one of the leading Polytechnics in Africa.

Following the end of the tenure of Dr. (Mrs.) Philipa Idogho and the directive by the Federal Ministry of Education that she should handover to the most Senior Deputy Rector, this distinguished son of Afemailand was appointed the Acting Rector of Auchi Poly.

Up until his acting appointment, Engr. Buraimah was

100 Prominent Afemai Families

prominent afemai families

The good people of Afemai are, among other things, very hard-working and productive. There is no doubt that these hardworking people of Afemai have contributed in no small way to the development of, not only Edo State, but to the development of Nigeria in general. In an article published on City People Magazine, City People’s Deputy Governor, SUNNY OJEIDUMA wrote about 100 prominent Afemai families. Below is his list (in no particular order):

Late Major General Agbazika Innih

Major General Agbazika Innih

Late Major General Agbazika Innih (25 September 1938 – 15 August 2002) was a very distinguished son of Afemailand. The Agenebode, Etsako East Local Government Area born retired Nigerian Army General and Statesman, had a brilliant and distinguished career in public service. He was the Military Governor of Bendel and Kwara State

George Agbazika Innih was born on September 25, 1938 at

Prince Clem Agba, Edo State Commissioner for Environment and Public Utilities

clem agba

Prince Clem Agba represents a lot of things to a lot of people. He represents a proactive person, change agent, result-oriented, mobilizer of men and resources, mentor, a defender of the oppressed, avid advocate for an egalitarian society, father figure, genuine philanthropist extraordinaire with a heart of GOLD and LOVE. Believer in the philosophy that one can only use the POWER of LOVE to overcome the LOVE of POWER. Succinctly put, Prince Clem Agba represents the saying of the English author, George Bank (1821 – 1881) who when he was asked, “what he lives for?” replied,

Adamu Mutairu, an Afemai Son Committed to Changing lives

Adamu Mutairu

Adamu Mutairu, is an upwardly mobile Afemai son that have carved a name for himself through his continuous support and commitments to improving grassroots education through scholarship award across Afemai. He is a man of many parts, a distinguished gentleman, noble and impeccable in character.

Engr. Saliu Ahmed Advocate Entrepreneurship Education

Saliu Ahmed

The Sadiq of Auchi Kingdom, Engr. Saliu Ahmed have advocated entrepreneurship education as a way to resolving the unemployment problem ravishing the country. He said this yesterday at NTA Uzairhue where he was a guest in their personality programme, Guest of the Week.

Engr. Saliu Ahmed, who is also the MD of Regal Rise Hotel in Auchi, emphasized that opting to be job creators rather than job seeker is actually a mind-set.

According to him, “the key to tackling the unemployment problem is education. Education of the parents and education of the children. The parents, first and foremost, must appreciate

High Chief, Dr. Raymond Aleogho Dokpesi Ezomo of Weppa-Wanno

Dr, Raymond Dokpesi

High Chief, Dr. Raymond Aleogho Dokpesi Ph.D., FCIT, OFR is an Iconic Nigerian who really needs no introduction. This distinguished son of Afemai is a phenomenon to be reckoned with as a result of the value successfully added to the broadcasting industry in Nigeria, as well as his immense contribution to human capital development both in Nigeria and in the diaspora.

Chief Raymond Dokpesi is credited to have successfully broke the jinx of exclusive ownership of electronic media to Nigerian Government. He