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Life of King Momoh, Auchi’s first Muslim King

An exploration of the life of OtaruMomoh (1875-1944) who triggered a ‘revolution‘in 1912 and brought Islam to his people.

In 1912 a major event which had the character of a revolution took place in Auchi, in present day Edo state. This event was the adoption of Islam by the townspeople as their official religion, and the over throw of the belief system initially upheld by the people. This ushered in a new era, and the quality and character of life now took on new, uplifting forms. It was Oba Momodu of nearby Agbede who first embraced Islam in the area, and Auchi followed quickly in the wake of his action. Already incarnated in Auchi was one who

A Clarion Call for Visionary Leaders to Serve

By Ken Adejumoh

Duty call is often a privileged to serve simply because out of the multitude, you are singled out to occupy a position which comes with a title and other incentives. One could be called to serve in any sector cutting across public service, politics, corporate, religion and voluntary service. In the same vein, one could be called to serve in different capacity. Beyond the title that goes with an office, the primary objective of being appointed or elected or nominated or even selected as the case may be is to discharge certain duties.

Different titles have been coined for different services; Honourable, Excellency, Bishop, Senator,

EdoDecides, a Call for Good Governance

By Ken Adejumoh

As EdoDecides today, let the days of voting with sentiments and allowing the irrationality rule over our rational being come to an end. If we can achieve this, it is certain that our hopes for the future will glitter and manifest in reality.

As a people, we have come of age to look beyond party emblems, brotherhood, religion and tribal/ethnic biases. All these have kept us were we are today as a nation. If we can put all these miles behind us and vote in competent hands, we would gradually be charting the part to greatness.

As Edo goes to the polls, let all the electorates come out and vote for that uniquely qualified candidate who

Is Edo actually among the top most indebted states in Nigeria?

By Tahiru Momodu  @Taheer101

On the 28th day of September 2016, the good people of my dear state of Edo will be heading to the polls to elect the man who will preside over the affairs of the state from Dennis Osadebey Avenue for the next four years. It is a straight battle between the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) and opposition People’s Democratic Party (PDP).

It is interesting to note that Edo is at the moment at the peak of electioneering campaign with both parties dishing out promises, accusations and counter-accusations. One interesting aspect of the campaign has been the issue of Edo state indebtedness; a campaign point the PDP has continuously drummed up to the effect that the APC led government has mortgaged the future of the state by incurring huge debts which has variously been reported as being up to N300bn in some cases and N200bn in others.

Colorful Sallah Celebration in Auchi Despite Economic Recession


The sacred kingdom of Auchi witnessed unprecedented hustling and bustling during this Sallah celebration despite the present economic recession in the country. The people of the town came out in their number to celebrate with the Otaru-in-council who had several activities lined up to celebrate the Eid Kabir.

Fun seekers were presented with several options. Apart from the age-group (manhood) celebration which was very engaging and colourful, there was Auchi Eghogho cultural festival which was simply breath-taking.

Auchi Eghogho Festival: Fusing Tradition with Modernity

auchi eghogho festival

People in and  around Auchi Kingdom always look forward to Eid Kabir (Big Sallah) celebration with excitement due to the associated funfair and merriment. This year’s Eid Kabir celebration is coming up next week and the good people of Auchi will be playing host to the world as they celebrate the second edition of the Auchi Eghogho festival, a festival that is designed to fuse tradition with modernity. The term “Eghogho”, connotes joy, felicitation, merriment, fun, happiness in the Auchi dialect. The Eghogho festival brings all Auchi sons and (daughters) that have been initiated into manhood from the inception of Auchi Kingdom together.

The Reoccurring Deaths of Migrants, will there be an End?


Day after day, one is greeted on the internet with stories of migrants who die in their sojourn to Europe and America for greener pastures. In recent weeks, I have read series of reports about bodies of migrants found dead around the deserts of Africa. This leaves me with an unresolved puzzle as I keep wondering when it will all come to an end.

While pondering on this, a colleague walked up to me to

World Leaders’ Security Summit in Abuja: An Imperative and the Urgency of Security Awareness

By John Uwaya

The above security summit is holding in Abuja, Nigeria following the maiden edition which held two years ago to discuss and proffer solutions to the Boko Haram terrorist threat. And that time, it was not only at her instance, France was the host. Obviously, her interests in the West African sub-region are at stake but globalization and radical changes in global politics now make security threats in any part of the world, a global concern. That became the case ever since the ‘Iron Curtain’ tumbled down, literally breaking physical as well as artificial barriers to free trade and movement of nationals of the world but with criminals latching on the new-found freedoms of movement to step up their own activities across international borders. Also, the profound integration of the world by technology into a global village, is emboldening the criminally minded to replicate crimes in other lands in their own environments.

My Grief, My Plea, My Hope

By Ken Adejumoh

Nigeria seems to me like the Wilderness the Israelites experienced for 40 years before they eventually entered into the promised land of Canaan. My worry has been how many more years are we going to be in this state where nothing seems to be working? Having experienced a hectic morning to get to the office, i am forced to say we are at the brink of collapsing as a Nation if we continue to throw caution to the air.

Remembering Murtala Mohammed

Murtala Muhammed

THE late General Murtala Mohammed was an enigma. An iconoclast: The stories of icons have no end. At every beginning, there is an end and at every end, there is a beginning. Hence every year, since the callous murder of this ebullient Nigeria’s former military ruler, the accounts of his dos and don’ts have been ceaseless. This year is not an exception. The deeds and misdeeds of the late General Murtala Mohammed will continue to flood our literature.

However, this is not a continuation of those dos and don’ts. This piece is an authentication of the paternal root of the late reformer as