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Aba Festival, Igarra’s 228 years old Festival gets endorsement

Aba festival drum

As part of efforts to promote culture and tourism, Edo state Government yesterday has endorsed the 228 years old Aba festival held once in six years in Igarra, Akoko-Edo local government area.

The state government represented by a Director in the Ministry of Arts, Culture and Tourism, Mrs Kate Ibe stated this at a press conference organised by Etuno Youth Association, (EYA) where it outlined activities to mark the event, which would hold later this year.

Aidonogie of South Ibie Flashes back on the last IBIE DAY


His Royal Highness, Alhaji, Barrister Aliyu Kelvin Danesi, Oba Idanesi II, the Clan head of South Ibie Kingdom is looking back at the last Ibie day celebration with satisfaction. In a recent facebook post, the progressively dynamic leader said:

“The last IBIE DAY has been a successful hallmark and a topic of discussion among close friends and well wishers who have interest in our great kingdom. Our display of unity and culture proves blood is actually thicker than water. Once again,

A Collection of Okpameri Names and Meaning

okpameri names

Okpameri is one of the ethnic nationalities that makes up Afemailand in the northern part of Edo State, Nigeria.

The term “Okpameri” connotes oneness. In other words the term “Okpemeri” means “we are one.” This very vibrant and forward looking ethnic nationality is made up of twenty-two communities that share the same cultural, historical, and linguistic attributes. Among these communities are Ibillo, Ojah, Somorika and Lampese.

Auchi Eghogho Festival: Fusing Tradition with Modernity

auchi eghogho festival

People in and  around Auchi Kingdom always look forward to Eid Kabir (Big Sallah) celebration with excitement due to the associated funfair and merriment. This year’s Eid Kabir celebration is coming up next week and the good people of Auchi will be playing host to the world as they celebrate the second edition of the Auchi Eghogho festival, a festival that is designed to fuse tradition with modernity. The term “Eghogho”, connotes joy, felicitation, merriment, fun, happiness in the Auchi dialect. The Eghogho festival brings all Auchi sons and (daughters) that have been initiated into manhood from the inception of Auchi Kingdom together.

A Collection of Igarra (Etuno) names and their meaning

Igarra (etuno) is one of the ethnic nationalities that make up Afemailand. Igarra town is the headquarter of  Akoko Edo Local Government Area in the Northern part of Edo State.   It is a rocky town surrounded by the Kukuruku Hills with an area of 1,371 km² and a population of 262,110 at the 2006 census. Historically, the land is referred to as ETUNO. Igarra people are known as ANETUNO, they speak Igarra dialect and the chief occupation of the people is farming.

Igarra Traditional Calendar

Igarra calendar

Most African communities had their local calendar system before the coming of the Europeans and Igarra people of Afemailand is not an exception.

In an article posted at, we are told that the traditional method of setting dates for events in Igarra is by OGHE which is similar to the Week in the English Calendar.

Eghogho Festival takes off Nicely

The maiden edition of the Auchi Eghogho festival started yesterday (Friday, 3rd of October 2014) night with an open air pre-party which took place at the Ikelebe sports Arena in the heart of Auchi Kingdom.

The party which was well attended by members of the various age groups in Auchi kingdom served as a platform for the various age groups to distinguish themselves through various forms of cultural displays.

Isiko: Auchi Hunter’s Dance

Auchi hunters, performing Isiko (Hunter’s Dance) during the last Auchi Day. Enjoy it.

Aba Festival of the Igarra People of Afemailand

Aba Festival is one of the cultural event of the Igarra people of Afemailand. The festival which has become a huge tourist attraction is believed to be,  originally a celebration of victory of the Igarra people over the est-while occupiers of the land now known and described as Igarra-Etuno.

The Aba Festival is the most spectacular/singular event in the celebration of Irepa Festival. It is the highest crowd-pulling of all the Irepa Festival events.

Available records show that Aba festival was first celebrated by the ANETUNOS Igarra people in 1789, long

History And Dev. of Age Groups in Auchi Kingdom

History And Development of Age Groups in Auchi Kingdom

This is the text of an Address delivered by Barrister Ozoboile A. S Alasan ESQ. at the Auchi Eghogho Festival (re-union of all Age-groups in Auchi), April 19, 2014.


I hereby place on record, my profound gratitude to the organizers of this event for inviting me to make this presentation.

Age Groups system (Irhua’a) is perhaps, arguably, one institution that survived the onslaught of Islam in Auchi.

When in 1941, His Highness Oshiogbele Momoh Idao (Momoh I) decreed