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Akoko Edo Political Structure: Wards & Polling Units

Akoko Edo is one of the six local governments that makes up Afemai. Its headquarters is in the town of Igarra.
It has an area of 1,371 km² and a population of 262,110 at the 2006 census and the postal code of the area is 312.

Akoko Edo is made up of fifteen (15) clans, ten (10) political wards and one hundred and forty-three (143) polling units. See below, more insight on the political wards and the component communities in Akoko Edo.

  • Ward 1 is in Igarra (Ugbogbo). It contains 13 polling units.
  • Ward 2 is also in Igarra (Ufua/Utua). It contains 14 polling units.
  • Ward 3 is made up of Imoga, Lampese, Bekuma, and Ekpe . It contains 14 polling units.
  • Ward 4 is made up of Ibillo, Ekpesa, Ekor, Ikiran-ile, and Oke.  It contains 14 polling units.
  • Ward 5 is made up of Makeke, Ojah, Dangbala, Ojirami and Anyawoza. It contains 16 polling units.
  • Ward 6 is made up of Oloma, Okpe, Ijaja, Kakuma and Anyara.
  • Ward 7 is made up of Somorika, Ogbe, Sasaro, Onumu, Eshawa, Ogugu, Igboshi-Afe,  Igboshi-Ele, Aiyegunle. It contains 15 polling units
  • Ward 8 is made up of Enwan, Atte, Ikpeshi, Egbigele. It contains 14 polling units
  • Ward 9 is made up of Uneme-nekhua, Akpama,  Aiyetoro, Ekpedo,  Erhurun, Uneme-Osu. It contains 15 polling units.
  • Ward 10 is made up of Ososo and it contains 13 polling units.


One Response to Akoko Edo Political Structure: Wards & Polling Units

  1. Lawrence uniamikugbo says:

    We need more local government in Akoko-Edo, while Owan, Esako and Esan have two to four local government, Akoko Edo remain as usual since 1963. This is unfair and the need for more local government is long over due.

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