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Akoko Edo Local Government of Edo State

Akoko Edo is a Local Government Area of Edo State, Nigeria. It is one of the six Local Government of Edo north which are collectively referred to as Afemai. Its headquarters is in the town of Igarra.
It has an area of 1,371 km² and a population of 262,110 at the 2006 census and the postal code of the area is 312.
Given the very fertile land and rocky forest, the people of Akoko Edo are mostly farmers and hunters. They are mostly Christen with a good percentage of Muslims and traditional religion practitioners.
The instrument which established Akoko Edo Local Government Council, identified fifteen clan/district which makes up Akoko Edo Local Government Council. They are:

  • Igarra-Akuku which include Igarra, Akuku and Igbikutu ,
  • Enwan clan which include Enwan Imiavane,
  • Ososo Clan which include Ososo,
  • North Akoko clan which include Ekpesa, Ibillo, Ikhiran-Ile, Ikhiran-Oke and Ekor,
  • North East clan which include Imoga, Lampese, Ekpe and Bekuma,
  • East Akoko Clan which include Somorika, Onumu, Ogbe, Anygaoza and Eshawa
  • Central Akoko Clan which include Ayiyegunle, Igboola Sale, Igboola Oke and Ogugun
  • Okpe Clan which include Okpe, Jaja and Oloma
  • Imeri Clan which include Imeri
  • Atte Clan which include Atte,
  • Ekpeshi-Egbigele Clan which include Ikpeshi and Egbigele
  • Uneme North Clan which include Uneme Nekhua and Akpama
  • Uneme Central Clan which include Erhurun Uneme, Uneme Otsu and Ekpedo Imiava
  • Ukuloso Clan which include Ojirami Oke, Makeke, Dagbala and Oja Sale
  • Kakumo-Anyanran Clan which include Kakumo, Aiyekoba and Anyanran

Akoko Edo is very rich in mineral resources. Some of the mineral resources available in Akoko Edo include marble in Ikpeshi, Gold in Atte, Dagbala and Ososo, Precious Stones in Ibillo, Granite in Ikpeshi and Gravel in Igarra.

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13 Responses to Akoko Edo Local Government of Edo State

  1. Ransome Adegboye says:

    Please could you post something on Akoko-Edo music?

  2. Rabiu Kehinde says:

    Please can you tell me more about the people of Okurosho?

  3. olawale says:

    please correct this we ekpedo clans belong to akoko edo North east

  4. Jafe Agbi says:

    The communities are Ugboshi-Ele and Ugboshi-Afe. There is nothing like Igboola Sale and Igboola Oke in Akoko-Edo. Please, correct your article

  5. olympo homa says:

    in central clan….d name ogugun s wrongly spelt…d correct spelling s OGUGU. And we av granite, gravel e.t.c as raw materials

  6. Samarh Emmanuel says:

    What resources do we get from somorika,pls less knw it.

  7. JOHN Mc CANE says:

    Please correct Okulosho as OKUROSHO ,,,, Thanks

  8. Fantastic! Fantastic!! Fantastic!!!
    The okulosho clan is best pronounce as OKUROSHO with it centre in DAGBALA. Thanks

  9. Fantastic! Fantastic!! Fantastic!!!
    The okulosho clans is best pronounce as OKUROSHO with it centre in DAGBALA. Thanks

  10. Pope Innocent Azama says:

    interesting! please the Ukulosho Clan, Ojah Sale is best called “OZA OKHE” or OJAH OKHE as the case may be. thanks.

  11. Abiola John says:

    Ugboshi Afe has been excluded from Central Akoko. Please kindly include

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