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Aidonogie of South Ibie Flashes back on the last IBIE DAY


His Royal Highness, Alhaji, Barrister Aliyu Kelvin Danesi, Oba Idanesi II, the Clan head of South Ibie Kingdom is looking back at the last Ibie day celebration with satisfaction. In a recent facebook post, the progressively dynamic leader said:

“The last IBIE DAY has been a successful hallmark and a topic of discussion among close friends and well wishers who have interest in our great kingdom. Our display of unity and culture proves blood is actually thicker than water. Once again, I appreciate the efforts and contributions of all sons and daughters of SOUTH-IBIE KINGDOM particularly the organizers of the 5TH IBIE DAY for their drive towards peace, unity and progress. I look forward to a rebranded and reverberating
6TH IBIE DAY come April next year. God Bless the good people of SOUTH-IBIE KINGDOM…



Continue the good work of providing leadership, Your Majesty, Afemai People are proud of you.

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