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AFMAA Set to Promote Afemai Heritage


A pro Afemai organisation, AFEMAI MERIT ACHIEVERS AWARD (AFMAA) CUM FILM FESTIVAL is set to give a boost to the Afemai heritage through a cultural festival. The organisation hope to unveil the maiden edition of the festival in the early part of 2018. Activities lined up for the festival will include cultural carnival, entrepreneurial training/empowerment, beauty pageant  as well as cultural awareness seminal.

In an exclusive chat with AfemaiPeople, the CEO of AFMAA, Cent Micah Imoyera, revealed that the organization is aimed at recognizing great Afemai sons and daughters, who have done greatly well in different phases of life; to honour, appreciate and encourage them to do more, and to help them realise that the entire good people of Afemai are proud of their contribution towards making Afemai, Nigeria and the world a better place.

AFMAA also aim to showcase the rich cultural heritage of our people, the life and style of the Afemai land for tourist attraction and to promote the Afemai culture, norms and tradition to a level were it will be recognized as one of the top-most cultures in the world.

One Response to AFMAA Set to Promote Afemai Heritage

  1. Maimunat says:

    Good initiative. But they need to get key stakeholders to buy in.

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