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6 Reasons To Visit Igarra For The Aba Festival


For over two centuries, the people of Igarra has celebrated the ABA Festival, even before Nigeria gained independence, they’ve witnessed, fought and survived battles, colonization and territorial conflicts, vast and filled with dexterity.

Igarra is also known as “Etuno” the people are hospitable; they have great sense of humor and great FOOD as well.

Protected by the positive energy of the Kukuruku Hills, renowned and known for her diversity, it is surrounded by neighboring communities who works together to foster economic growth and development.

ABA Festival is significant and prestigious, it reiterates the importance of unity amongst the people, cultural values and heritage passed down from generations in celebrating the victories of our heroes, with sounds from the historic ABA drum, only drummed once every six lunar years or seven calendar year; it’s an ancient gift left by the fore fathers of the land to celebrate the emerged Azebani chives.

Reasons you must visit Igarra for the ABA Festival includes:

The People

The People of Igarra understands the importance of diversity, its uniqueness and treasure those who appreciate such; with open arms, visitors are welcomed and treated like family such that a lot has considered it home.

The Location

Sited amongst extraordinary land marks; positioned by God, a priceless view with historic structures and untold stories. It’s accessible to connect other destinations within, a gateway to the famous Somorika hills and Ososo Tourist Centre. Igarra houses lots of foliage that has contributed in longevity of the people, pure air, rich organic foods and lots more. Also a perfect location for the Entertainment Industry, movies producers can leverage on and of cause for music videos shoots respectively.

Investment Opportunities

Igarra has untapped potentials and endless possibilities, it gives a clean slate and foresight to those who want to explore new market and increase revenue overtime.Presently, there is a huge land mass available for industrialization, access to intelligent work force, and investment friendly policies to encourage potential investors, good roads for accessibility and movement of goods and services, encouraging inter-state trade and bilateral exchange of commodities. Alternatively what you may call an open liberal economy that allows growth in a long term.

The Food

One of the uniqueness of the Igarra people is the food; they have a way of redefining taste with undiluted spices and organic ingredients; for those who thought they have seen it all, you need to embrace the traditionally cooked and spiced Vegetable Soup + Pounded yam, unadulterated Okro + Ukaa.k.aAmala, the ever green Apa’paE’ba’tu + Garden Eggs (a redefined version of moi-moi) needless to say there is such a thing as “Epe’azifa” this is next to none in the world.

Another amazing fact about the taste of culture in Igarra is the traditional wine “acha’ku” richly brewed from fermented guinea corn without additives or preservatives; it’s second to the natural palm wine.

Join History

ABA Festival is the 6th most celebrated festival in West Africa, and has since existed for over two centuries; disengage the mind and engage your sense to embrace and have a feel of new culture, the people and historic landmarks.


The best kept secret is inthe culture andhistoric tales of the Igarra people, the heartbeat of Kukuruku hills, an ancient pride of the people, diversity in family coterie, an entire different culture scape without which the story of the Igarra people is incomplete.




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